Twitch Chat Bot

We are proud to announce that we have created a chat bot for the website This bot help moderate the chat by timeing out spammers and helps weeds out the trolls. Want to learn more about this new bot? Go check out the official website where it lists all the features and has a log of all changes done to it.

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Merger with Discovery Alliance

Shufelt Designs has merged with Discovery Alliance in hopes to grow a gaming community. With the power of social media this will be a experiance for us to use the tools to help us grow. We will still be offering the same services as before but at a whole new level. Game servers, Voice Servers, Web Services, Remote Tech Support and more!

In the meantime I will be doing a solo operation as well with my personal domain using Twitter as one my main tools. Also this website will not be updated as much but we are still around.

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New project unveil – ShuCraft a Minecraft MODPack

I am proud to announce a new skill that I have been working on for some time. With the game Minecraft being one of the top games out there right now i decided to get my feet wet in modifying the game. After careful research I have come up with what is called a MODPack for version 1.5.2. This seems to attract attention to young viewers who are into the game. With their input i was able to create a version that people would enjoy. There are many others out there and especially from a special program called “Feed the Beast” which i am still trying to figure how to use their service to distribute the pack. For something as unique as this it’s great for a small group of friends to enjoy. Time will tell to see how well this goes.

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Update on twitch – Raids and ratings

It seem this new service is going pretty well. Been using this for over a month now and got to know it pretty well. One thing i like is the love that is spread in the communities based on certain games. What people do to help spread word of new streamers is “raiding” them after they cast. I got my first raid major raid and it’s quite overwhelming. There are broadcaster already with from 500 up to 1800 people watching during their broadcast! Could this be the next best thing? Gonna do some more digging and see what this is all about.

Watch live video from Shufunk on TwitchTV

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Trying out new things – Introducing

Today i would like to announce that i will be testing out a new broadcasting service that is made for gaming. It is called TWITCH and you can check out the official broadcast channel here or just watch it within this message. Plans to add a permanent page if this goes well.

Watch live video from Shufunk on

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